Where Should Libraries be in Schools?

Where Should Libraries be in Schools?

In the library right?  Well, more and more libraries are disappearing in our schools.  Is anybody saddened by this.  I certainly am.  I love books and going to the library gives me a feeling of exhilaration to be around so many awesome books.

In my small town we have two libraries within a 5 mile radius.  We really are blessed.  But not all kids have parents that take them to the library.  I love that in most libraryschools they have a library so that kids can experience the thrill of being in the library.  A place where you can just look for the kinds of books that you want.  Some people get lost and don't know where to begin.  That is where the smaller version inside of a school is so great.  Kids can learn how to find books in a library, but on a smaller scale.

I worked for a school district that had completely gotten rid of their librarians.  They replaced all of them with aids so that kids could check out books.  In some cases there was still story time, but for the most part any of the other perks like learning how to use the library and learning how to research were placed in the teachers hands.  As if teachers did not have enough responsibilities.

I did an author visit yesterday at a school, and one of the reasons the librarian mentioned that libraries are disappearing is because classrooms are required to have their own libraries.  I bet the people that did research on the value of books in the classroom didn't realize that people would misinterpret that one and begin getting rid of libraries.

I believe that books should be both in the classroom and in the library.  Getting rid of libraries in the school because there are books in the classroom is as crazy as getting rid of town libraries because people have home libraries.  I completely disagree that either should have to suffer.

Some people will argue that funding is low in schools.  In my opinion, schools that get rid of books in schools should not have funding to begin with.  O.k maybe that is a little drastic, but seriously, how can you operate schools without books?

More and more schools are getting an increase in the amount of technology they have, but this is a whole different form of literacy.  This is called information literacy and it doesn't replace reading.  I read a study yesterday that talked about how kids are using their laptops or computers and most of them are using them as word processors.  So the bulk of the time that they are on the computer is being spent writing final copies, vs. reading.

I have asked my own children how much time they spend on their computers, and both of them mentioned that even though they have their own computers they lug to and from school, they don't actually use them a lot during the day. So computers aren't replacing libraries and classroom libraries can't replace libraries.

As much as I love schools, some crazy things are happening.  But what I love, even though some of these things are going on, and teachers have little control over it, great teachers are still introducing kids to great books.  Thank goodness we have teachers.  Teachers that no matter what is going on with funding and politics, do an amazing job and give our kids a first class education with what they have.  I know that all good teachers will always give the best education they possibly can.  I just hope that more schools would rethink the idea of getting rid of libraries and do the best that they can to make sure all kids have access to this amazing resource.

Where do you think libraries should be in schools?


  1. I grew up in the 1950’s, in New York City, and was very happy to have a library in my schools. In fact, in 8th grade, the library was my homeroom (ah, overcrowding). I also, years ago, did some volunteering in my son’s school library when he was in 2nd grade and I was temporary unemployed. I saw classes visiting and being instructed on how to use the library and why the library should be an everyday part of their lives. (I would also browse their offerings myself.) This was the first I knew about the trend to get rid of school libraries. It bothers me a lot. Why shouldn’t a classroom have a small library and there also be a school wide library, centrally located? Teachers aren’t trained librarians, and they already have so many responsibilities (my best friend is a retired NYC elementary school teacher so I’ve heard her stories). Why does it seem everything I find out about education points to our public school system being on the verge of disintegration?
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    • I agree. Teachers are not trained librarians. I remember when I was in college I had to take an art class a gym class because many schools where expecting the classroom teacher to teach these subjects. Thank goodness I didn’t have to teach either of those classes. I would not have done either of those classes justice teaching them. I love books, but I think there is definitely value in having a trained librarian in the library.

  2. My son has just started a new school due to no permanent teacher appointed to the class. It is so important for them to have stability in a teacher and I totally agree in the use of books in schools and how important it all is. Unfortunately they will realize it when it’s too late… pity.
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  3. The only place in the school I liked was the library. It is a sad thing that schools are replacing libraries with other aids. Fortunately I was lucky to have one during my school days

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    I love to read and have always read to my grandson, who is going to be 7 soon, and have taken him to story time in our local library since he was very young. Thank goodness he not only has a library in his school, but goes to a library class once a week, from which he brings home a book. I agree with all the points you made. Keep up your good work!
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