What Every Kid Wants to Be When They Grow Up

I know, I know.... Your thinking, how in the world can all kids want to be the same thing when they grow up.  Well, it is true.  Sometimes kids want to think about careers, but most of the time they just want to enjoy being a kid.  They are really good at experiencing the present and at the end of the day they all want the same thing.

All kids want to be happy.  The traditional method of doing well in school, going to college, getting a job, and getting married is not always the solution.  However it is usually the path that we choose for our children.  No matter what my kids do in life, I hope that they are happy doing it.  This Ted X video below goes over one kids aspirations in life and how his mom helped him with creating it.  His mom pulled him out of the school system when he was 9 years old to homeschool him and give him the best education that she could.  Wow, did she do it.  You will see from this video how well articulated this young man is and how passionate he is about spreading his message.

This boy is one of the reasons that I love doing what I love doing.  I get to experience the creativity and imagination that kids have.  I don't force kids to learn in a typical classroom situation.  In fact they can come in their P.J.'s and learn with their favorite stuffed animal if they like.  I have one boy that brings his dog to class everyday.  When kids are tutoring online, I get to see them genuinely happy with learning to read in the comfort of their home.  Some do it on their ipad, and others on their laptop.  It is pretty amazing to watch.

When I started tutoring online I had so many people tell me that it was so impersonal to tutor online.  I didn't let that stop me, and I am so glad.  Everyday I get to see amazing smiles from these kids when they read.  I allow them choices instead of forcing them to read books they could care less about.  I allow them to learn at their pace and am able to skyrocket their success in a short amount of time.  I am truly happy "hacking" online tutoring.  That's a word this young 13 year old boy named Logan LaPlante used in his Ted speech.  Take a look at it and let me know what you think.


  1. I have always worried that home schooled children were missing out on making friends but there are so many after school activities and groups that now I realize they are not missing out at all. I am a very visual learner so frequently through school my parents would keep me home and take me to a museum. The summer before I started American History in highschool. My dad and I went on a roadtrip (mom couldnt get off work). We went to gettysberg, williamsberg Virginia, Roanoke and sleepy hollow. It was really awesome to visit those places and made learning more about them in school so much more interesting!

    • I think that is a common misconception people have. I don’t think this kid will have any problems making friends in life. He is a force to be reckoned with. I admire every single homeschooling parent out there. There are so many benefits to teaching your children at home.

      Sounds like you had some amazing experiences with your family. They valued being able to experience things versus just learn about them in books. That is so awesome.

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    What a great post. I will really pursue the applications I made about tutoring online accountancy.

    You have reminded me of a shelved plan.

    Of course, mine will be grown up. What a great and satisfactory way of shaping a kid’s life, in your case, many kids.
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  3. This teenager was amazing. Thanks for posting Joanne. I had to share this one on facebook.
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