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So, as many of you know my friend Renee and I wrote a book called Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along.  Last week we had a promotion and many people downloaded the book.  This is great news right?  Well, unfortunately a person that doesn't know how to leave reviews happen to leave one on our book.  Here is what he said,

I think this book helped kids aruging to their parents.it helped me to stop my tone and pushing people. I like this book.

This person then left a 1 star, which significantly will deter people from reading it.  Now, if my book is truly a 1 star book, I am o.k. with that.  But here is how the star system works for books on Amazon.

1  star = Hate it

2 stars = I Don't Like it

3 stars = It's Okay

4 stars = I like it

5 stars = I love it

Technically this person meant to put 4 stars, but put one which now will effect if people will even take a look at it.  I know in my heart that the person who left this rating was trying to be helpful.  I honestly think that it was an honest mistake based off their comment.

So, if you are able to help Renee and I out, we would appreciate it.  If you have already gotten the book and would be able to leave an honest review we would be very grateful.  If you haven't gotten the book and are able to get the digital one for kindle, look it over, and leave an honest review again we would be very grateful.

Some of you might be thinking, "But I don't have a kindle."  Well, no worries you can easily download the Kindle app onto any computer, phone, or ipad.   Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to help us out.  Just click on the link below and you will be brought to the page.  In the format section you will notice that the book is just .99 in Kindle.




  1. You can also respond to the person who left the review. I usually sign up to see any comments on my reviews, so if they did that, then they could read your comment asking if they meant to leave only one star (and describe the rating system to them). :-) Will post my own review later.
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