Want to Tutor?

Are you looking for a way that you can tutor online, but you would love to have someone hold your hand and guide you through the process?  Well, that is exactly what I can do for you.  Starting February 13th you can join me in a series of classes called Jumpstart your Tutorpreneur Company that will teach you all about the tools you need to get started on your own, how to find more clients than you know what to do with, and how to utilize skype to hold hold your sessions. These sessions are for anyone who wants to tutor in any subject area. I have spent the last 3 years figuring out the best ways to do things and I want to share everything that I know with you.  People who register late are still welcome to join.  You will be sent all of the links to previous lessons and be able to review them all at your own pace.

Benefits of working for yourself include…

  1. You can choose how many clients you want to work with.
  2. Flexibility – you can work the hours that you want to work or the hours that fit your schedule.
  3. You can work anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home with starting your own skype tutoring business.
  4. Set your own prices.  Tutors make anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour.  What do you want to make?
  5. Help friends and family who have children struggling with reading without having to go to their houses or keep your house in tip top shape.
  6. No traveling. No commute.  No headache.

This will be a three month course and cost $497, but early birds will be able to get this course for just $27.  This is an incredible value and will not last long.  There are a limited amount of seats available, so save your spot now.  These introductory prices will not be around long.  I am looking to get you going in a successfull manner so that you can be a testimonial for how this program works.

To Kickstart your success I am going to send you 10 free videos to help you with your business.   Click on the paypal button below to pay your $97 and get access to all of the amazing materials you need to run your own business.
If you are not interested in the program you will have free access to the videos anyway. Just fill out your name and e-mail and submit.

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