Want a Speaker?

Need a Speaker?

Are you looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgable speaker who will motivate kids to read or give great tips on how to inspire kids to read?

I'm Available!

Here are some of the ways that the Skyping Reading Tutor can present for you.

Classroom teachers via Skype:

  1. I can read a book to your class
  2. Teach a reading strategy to your class
  3. Introduce your students to a new book or series

School Administrators:

  1. Promote using skype in the classroom
  2. Present a reading topic to your staff
  3. Present RTI, reading interventions
  4. Reading tips and strategies for parents


  1. Present stratgies on how to get kids to read
  2. What kinds of incentives really work to get kids to read
  3. Resources available for help with school


  1. Read books to families via skype, create a fun parent night without all of the costs
  2. Present best loved books and introduce parents to new books and authors
  3. Tips and strategies on how to support your child when reading with him/her

I am here to be of service, so if there is something that you would like just fill out the contact me box below and I will get back to your within 24 hours.