Two Vowel Whiners – Phonics the Easy Way

Two Vowel Whiners – Phonics the Easy Way

The second two vowel pattern is the whiner pattern.  There are 5 different combinations that are spelled9 different ways.  This is one reason why I had mentioned in a previous post that this is a very confusing pattern.  Also, w is a vowel helper for a couple of patterns which is another thing that causes confusion for kids.  Kids have heard that y is sometimes a vowel, but most kids have never heard that w is a vowel or a vowel helper.  Here is a chart that shows the different combinations and how the vowels are spelled.















The reason that these are called the two vowel whiners is because the sound that they make when they are together sounds just like the sound you make when you get hurt or get a boo boo.

Up to this point you have focused on patterns that are spelled the same, sound the same.  Now the confusing part is that there are two ways to spell one sound.  The easiest way to begin teaching this concept is through the use of sorts.  Let's take a look where we compare aw and au words.

One of the most confusing two vowel whiner patters is the oo /ew/ and the oo as in book.  The reason is because both of these patterns are spelled the same, but sound different.  Take a look at the video to see how using a sort can help clear up any confusions that a child may have.

What questions do you have about the two vowel whiners?




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