Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along is Published

Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along is Published

Today is an extremely exciting day for my friend Renee and I.  We have created our first picture book together and it is live on Amazon Front_Cover_of_Three_Little_Sisters_Learn_to_Get_Alongbeginning today.  It is called Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along.  It is about three little sisters that yell, pinch, fight, and kick.  When the mother sees how her little girls are not getting along she becomes extremely distressed.  She teaches her girls how to use “I messages” and at once the sisters learn that there are other ways to resolve their problems. There are parent pages at the end that help parents with some ways to help their children in  a calm manner when their kids are not getting along.  Let's face it.  This is a reality for our kids, they will fight, but now there is a healthy solution to make things right.

This book is perfect for anyone that has kids or knows anyone that has kids.  The illustrations engage kids of all ages and the text is at a 2nd grade reading level.  Below in the Amazon carousel you will find all of the books that we have created and are published through For the Love of Books Publishing.  I have also added a book in the carousel that I featured a few weeks ago by my friend Kat Kirst called Snitch.


  1. Good luck with your book Joanne, sounds like it should be a winner. Wish I had had it when mine were younger.

    PS. I’ld love to see your name at the top here. I had to look around to find out who was talking to me. :)

    Thanks Again,
    Dr. Hale
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  2. What a lovely book! I work with clients who are phasing out a practice that helps kids get ready for college–reading, writing and math tutoring and coaching. I am wondering if an introduction would be in order?

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