Three Little Girls Learn to Get Along

Three Little Girls Learn to Get Along

Yesterday I promised to share my next book with you.  Renee who is co-owner of For the Love of Books, LLC will be creating pictures to go along with it.  After Renee did a picture of my three little girls in a tree and then I heard them arguing I became inspired to write it.  I would love feedback on what you like about it and things that you think that could make it better.  This book is set to be released in January.

Three little sisters sitting in a tree


First came the lies

Then came the names

Next came the petty threats of no more games

Katelyn punched my back

Becca squeezed my arm


She hit me first

I don’t like her

So went the arguing, then there was more

The third little sister

Joined in the fight


                She kicked them near

She kicked them far

She kicked them everywhere, even in the car

The mother saw this picture

And became very sad

She knew that her children were not that bad

She talked about peace

She talked about love

She talked about sisters that fit like a glove

She said they use nice words

Talk about feelings

I feel hurt

That makes me sad

These were the words that don’t make others feel too bad.

The three little sisters apologized


That’s a big word

But feels real good

Their mother knew they could and they would

Now the sisters play nice

and get along


Sometimes they fight

But they don’t forget

To think about feelings without regret


The three little sisters hug each other


Harmony is the song of getting along

Today it doesn’t have to be about who is right or wrong.


  1. Very cute story and I’m sure the illustrations will be charming, based on the one here. Have you thought about making your books in iBooks or as apps?
    Nancy Barth recently posted..Comment on Math: Ko’s Journey by The Biggest Story Problem » Nancy Barth TutoringMy Profile

    • Yes, we will definitely offer it in Kindle and ebook version. Both of us have no clue how to make it into an app, so we will have to look into that. My vision includes an app, but I will need guidance on that. Do you have any suggestions or know anyone who does that?

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