They Beg to Buy Books from the Store – 2nd Habit of Highly Effective Readers Part II

They Beg to Buy Books from the Store – 2nd Habit of Highly Effective Readers Part II

Well, it is that time of year again.  My kids are off to school and I am excited to begin writing a brand new book.  I will be creating the book through this blog and you will have free access to all of it’s content here.  This book/blog series is called Seven Habits of Highly Effective Readers and will give you information on what you can do to create an avid reader.


As you walk down the book aisle at Target you may hear a highly effective reader say, "Can I get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book?"  Many parents might think,

lovebooksdon't they have enough books yet.

However to the child, she is just dying to find out what happens in the new book and new books are not something that you can easily get at the library or a rummage sale.  So, it is always best to indulge your child in this success habit they have wound their little finger on.

When a new book comes out it can be just as exciting to a highly effective reader as new movie to other kids.  This is the importance of getting kids hooked in a series.  It builds desire, determination, and motivation for the child to want to read more.

Kids who are not highly effective readers may beg for books for the wrong reasons, such as it comes with a stuffed animal or a toy.  In the end they may only actually want the toy and not the book at all.

So how can you redirect the child who just wants a book for the toy, to wanting a book for it's content.  Here are some suggestions that might be helpful.

1.  Look at the books and see which books your child tends to gravitate towards.

2.  Read the back of the book to her and get a reaction as to whether she thinks she will like it or not.

3.  Read the first few pages to her and see if it is interesting enough to keep her attention.

4.  Flip through the book and see if there is the right amount of words and pictures that will keep your child at the interested level and not the overwhelmed level.

5.  Always allow book selection to be your child's choice.  Don't try to push books you read as a child on your child simply because you loved them.

We want our readers that are not highly effective to take on the same habits as highly effective readers and sometimes we can trick kids into making similar choices. When you go to a store that has a book aisle, then start browsing the books that you might want to read.  This will increase your child's chances with taking a look at the books at her level.  Then you can ask her," If you could have any one book from this aisle, which one would it be?"  This approach almost seems magical, like getting one free wish.  Your child may have a hard time and then you can help her out.  Then voila you have just had your child want a book from the book store.

Does your child ever beg to get a book from the book store?  What books does he/she beg for the most?


  1. Good post! I remember the days of purchasing books for my boys…they loved to read then and are still avid readers today! They often recommend books for me to read.

  2. Great post! I’ve seen a lot of this in action with my kids – so glad they are great readers and love books. I always try to get books at the library if possible, as we have no room for extra clutter, but I love giving them books for presents or treats, too. Also sometimes we put a book on hold if we can’t get it right away, which intensifies their eagerness to read and stretches their patience muscles. :)

    • For me it depends on whether they are in the middle of reading another book or not. I totally agree about stretching their patience muscles. I guess when it comes to books, I am the one that has a problem with the patience muscles. In our house we need food, air, shelter, and books. They are a must have to our daily diet. LOL

  3. Oh my. Are you kidding? My pocketbook can’t keep pace with my 12 year old’s reading needs! No way. She was at her dad’s this weekend and she said that she finished one book and then started and finished another THAT SAME DAY. I can’t even keep track of which series she is on because she whips through them so fast! So we definitely look for series books. If she reads one, she hopefully has a bunch more. She DOES like the brand new stuff but I made her start to earn an allowance to buy those so she has lost a bit of interest in getting them brand new but she still reads a lot.

    This was a cool post. I am also doing the UBC so nice to meet you!
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