Writing Picture Books and Going into a Partnership

Writing Picture Books and Going into a Partnership

business partnershipYesterday I got my very first book in the mail from Amazon.  It was very exciting.  The feeling of accomplishment was so good, that I actually wanted to hold it to myself for awhile.  Then I e-mailed my business partner Renee and let her know.

Did I say business partner?  Yes I did.  I am so excited to be having 6 more books coming out in the 2013 year.  They will all be picture books.  The first one is called Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along.  This book will feature a poem that I have written and will share in the next post.  Then, we have a series that we are going to create called Paulina, the Perfectly Messy Princess.  She is a wonderful little girl with a funny personality, her only problem is that she does not care if she is clean or dirty.  All this girl cares about is having fun.

I never thought that going into business with another person could be so scary.  I think part of it is exhilaration and the other part is having to rely on somebody else.  For the most part I always meet deadlines and since I have never worked with my friend Renee at this capacity I am left unsure if she will.

This past week she proved to be someone who can be relied upon.  We set our goals for the 2013 year.  In order for those goals to get accomplished she needed to create a painting room.  She did this ahead of schedule and I am confident that this will continue to be the pace that she continues at.

I also have two more books that I am going to write independent of the picture books.  Writing has become a part of my core and I want to continue as much as I can.  I am currently creating a workbook that will increase kids reading level with non-fiction text.  On top of that I will be writing a book about running your own tutoring business.  I will share all of the posts for the latter one here on this blog.  If you are interested in running your own tutoring business I encourage you to stay tuned.

Well, those are all of my endeavors that I have going on for the following year, in addition with growing my tutoring business.  I now have 26 students and am blessed to be involved in increasing their reading levels.  If you have any advice regarding partnerships or internet laws I would love your feedback in the comments section.