Take a Picture of your Child Reading Photo Contest

Take a Picture of your Child Reading Photo Contest

I love seeing kids read.  Seriously, my heart beats a little quicker, and the joy in my heart raises.  When the parents of my students tell me that their child now readschild reading books at night in their bed, when they never used to before, I feel this sense of accomplishment.  That is when I know that I have done my job. I want to motivate kids to read, that's why I teach kids to read, and that's why I write books.

I know that other people feel the same way.  So I started a new contest that features your children reading.  Not only will you inspire other people by your pictures, but you also have the opportunity to win more books for you or your kids.  Everyone that submits a picture of their child reading qualifies for a $20 book spree to Amazon.  Not only does the top voted picture win, but so do the next two.  The top three entries that receive the most votes win the top prize.

So how do you enter?  All you need to do is go to this link.

Show us Your Best Picture of your Child Reading

Then submit your picture by Friday, February 28th.  Voting will take place between March 1st and March 5th.  Tell your friends and family to vote for your picture and you could be the winner.  Regardless if you win, you are a winner in my eyes because you are inspiring your children to read.

So what do yo have to lose.  Check out the page, submit a picture, and vote.  See what happens.  You just may be the next lucky winner to win a $20 book spree to Amazon.