Spot and Dot – 2 Consonants

Spot and Dot – 2 Consonants

These blog posts are part of a program that is in development called Phonics the Easy Way.  It is a phonics program that gives parents the information that they need in order to help their own kids with reading.  These lessons are meant to be utilized with text that a parent is reading with their child vs. isolated skill and drills that do not transfer over into reading.  These are the methods that I personally utilize in tutoring with my own students in reading online and I am able to increase their reading levels a full year with just 8-12 hours of instruction.


The other day we took a look at using the spot and dot method to break apart a word that had one consonant in between the vowels.  Today we are going to use the spot and dot method to break apart a word that has 2 consonants.

Our word today is "spelling".  Here are the steps to break apart the word spelling.

  1. Spot the vowels and put a dot above them.  In this word, the vowels are e and i.
  2. Connect the dots.  As you are connecting the dots, count how many consonants are in between the vowels.
  3. There are two consonants in spelling, so you are going to draw a line between the l's like this.


4.  Figure out the pattern of the first part.  In this case it is the closed pattern, so one knows that the e is stuck in the middle and is going to make it's stuck sound.

5.  Figure out the pattern of the second part.  In this case it is also the closed pattern, so the i will make it's short sound or stuck sound.

6.  Put both parts together and you have spelling.

Here is an example of spot and dot being done with the word Spelling.  Tomorrow we will take a look at an example with three consonants in between the vowels.


  1. Wow, this is really neat! I’ll remember to use this method in teaching my kiddos at home when they struggle with spelling and dividing syllables. Thanks!
    Amy recently posted..Everything that was old is new again: Romertopf cookingMy Profile

  2. Great ways of teaching kids. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue recently posted..Beautiful SightsMy Profile

  3. Yes this is a great way, I wish I knew about this when my boys where in school! Thanks for sharing!
    Vanessa Terrell recently posted..Card PouchMy Profile

  4. Great post! I taught in special education for over 10 years and reviewed books for pearson publishing on literacy. I also tutored after school using the touchphonics program. It is great and has manipulatives. We were able to create some ways for parents to help at home using paper plates with playsand, students would trace or draw words and blends in the sand as they spoke the sounds. Another idea was to place a piece of paper over plastic aida form and have students write letters and blends using a crayon…very tactile.
    Keep up the great work!

    • It is always great to get feedback from people with experience. I appreciate it. Pearson is a great company with some great products. We used many of their assessment products when I was in the school system.

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