Open pattern – Phonics the Easy Way

Open pattern – Phonics the Easy Way

The next pattern to learn is the open pattern.  This pattern usually occurs in multisyllable words, but there are few words that do stand alone that fit this pattern.  Those words are as follows;










Together you and your child can take a look at these words and notice what is happening with the vowel.  Here are some questions to ask file1851239553258-003your child.

1. How many vowels are in this pattern?

2. Where is the vowel in this pattern?

3. What sound is the vowel making in this pattern?

Once the child has made all of the proper observations, you can share the chant that goes with the phrase.

When the vowel on the end is free, it is going to pop way up and say it's name to me.

Here is a quick video that shows teaching this in action.


  1. Hmmm. I remember learning phonics as a child in the 60’s. I don’t think my children were taught the same way in the 90’s. I credit my ability to spell to phonics. They can’t spell at all! Of course that may be due to text messaging…!
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