Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action


Law of Attraction in ActionHave you ever wanted something so bad that you could smell, feel, and experience it as if you had already had it? If so, then you have experienced the law of attraction in action.

I have had this experience a few times in my life and I am currently going through it right now. I have been working on a book through my blog called, 31 Days to a Better Reader. I have found the tools that I thought I was going to use and then I found a system that would not only help me publish, but to also promote my book. There was just one tiny problem. I can't afford the system. So my brain began brainstorming all of the ways that I could scrimp and save and then a new way was revealed.

The creator of the program is having a contest. One lucky winner is going to win. Well, I don't usually enter contests. I didn't let that stop me though. I found out all of the rules and regulations and have created a video to enter the contest.

Now comes the law of attraction part. I have been picturing myself winning this contest. There is going to be an announcement on Oct. 11, which is tomorrow. Here I will find out if I win. I have been picturing my name being announced. I have felt what it feels like to win and I am prepared to win.

I have pictured myself in Mike Koenigs studio producing my commercials for my products and services. I have pictured shaking his hand. I even have created this image in my children's brains because they are better at the law of attraction than I am. Sometimes I let fear and anxiety get in the way and they do not know what that is.

I also believe that when multiple people can envision this for you that you also have a better chance. So here is where I need you. Can you picture me winning this contest and send positive thought and feedback in the comments section. Let me know if I can ever help to put the law of attraction into action for you and I will do the same.

P.S. If you would like to help me win, please watch the video and LIKE it on YouTube.


Video from Author Expert Marketing Machine Contest


  1. Leanne Chesser
    Twitter: leannechesser

    I’ll definitely add to the envisioning :). Let me know when you win, too!
    Leanne Chesser recently posted..How to Improve Productivity With FoodMy Profile

  2. Congratualtions on your win tomorrow, make sure to share it all here.
    Mark Michael recently posted..Middle of the Night AwarenessMy Profile

  3. Beth
    Twitter: bs0111

    OH I hope you win I watched your video and liked it. I am throwing those vibes out there for you big time. I entered for a cricut cartridge that I want that is really expensive and I am hoping that I win as well. Good luck and let us know if you win!

  4. Dana
    Twitter: soulfitwomen

    I love what you’re doing here! I shared love on utube. You are changing things for the better!
    Dana recently posted..Strong Women vs. Women of StrengthMy Profile

  5. Sending out those winning vibes. Good luck! ~Debra
    Debra Jason recently posted..4 Facebook Habits That Kill Authentic Connections (and How to Fix Them)My Profile

  6. Sending good vibes! You Will win!
    Dianne Jones recently posted..Wednesday Question: What Is A Swatch?My Profile

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