Kindle, Nook, Ipad Oh My – Second Habit of Highly Effective Readers

Kindle, Nook, Ipad Oh My – Second Habit of Highly Effective Readers

Well, it is that time of year again.  My kids are off to school and I am excited to begin writing a brand new book.  I will be creating the book through this blog and you will have free access to all of it’s content here.  This book/blog series is called Seven Habits of Highly Effective Readers and will give you information on what you can do to create an avid reader.


As "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh my" is to the Wizard of Oz, the Kindle, Nook and Ipad are to the book world.  Kids love their technology and if you ask any highlyKindle effective reader if they have a book on one of these digital tools, they will say yes.  In fact they love them.  This does not mean that the good old fashioned book is dead.  It simply means that this is another place that readers are storing their books and reading them.

However, what about kids that are not highly effective readers, do they always have books on these devices.  Not always.  Does this mean that you should run out and buy your child a Kindle, Nook, or iPad?  Not necessarily.  These devices can be expensive and the books that you put on them are not always free, in fact you can end up spending as much money on an e-book as you do a regular book.  So what are the benefits to these devices?  Here are just a few.

1.  At night when kids typically read books before bed they enjoy having the book on a device because it is lit up.

2.  A reader can easily bring multiple books anywhere at anytime on a tiny little device without having to cart around a ton of books.

3.  Entertainment for when your child is "BORED".

4.  Lots of choice selection while sitting in the car on a long ride.

5.  Tap on a word and the definition appears.  No longer do you need to stop reading, look a word up in the dictionary, and then come back to your reading.  Everything is done with the touch of a finger.

There are many more benefits to have books on these devices, but these are the top ones.  In fact today on-screen reading is overtaking that of print reading according to an article posted on Words for Life.  In this article it mentions the following statistics.

Our new research with 34,910 young people aged eight to 16 reveals:

  • 39% of children and young people read daily using electronic devices including tablets and eReaders, but  only 28% read printed materials daily. The number of children reading eBooks has doubled in the last two years (from 6% to 12%).
  • Children say they prefer to read on screen. Over half (52%) said they would rather read on electronic devices but only a third (32%) would rather read in print.

Simply put, if you want your child to be a highly effective reader, you cannot discount the power of reading on these devices.  Our world is changing and if we want our children to be up to date in the 21st century, then it is definitely something to take into account.

According to here is what kids have to say about ebooks.

It’s cool to read on an ereader.

– 11 year-old boy, New Jersey

I would like to get an ebook reader so I will want to read more books.

– 16 year-old boy, Ohio

I like to read ebooks in bed in the dark before falling asleep.

– 11 year-old girl, Georgia

I’m not sure how much I would like to read ebooks, but do want to try it!

– 13 year-old boy, California

It’s more fun, may cost less, and will help the environment.

– 10 year-old boy, Texas

You can tap on a word to see what it means and you can make the words big or small.

– 9 year-old girl, Virginia

I read more because I have an ereader.

– 14 year-old girl, Georgia

My ereader is easy to carry in my backpack wherever I go.

– 16 year-old girl, Wisconsin

Ebooks are fun to read anywhere.

– 9 year-old girl, California

When I am done with a book I can get another one in minutes.

– 10 year-old girl, Ohio

Ebooks are awesome.

– 13 year-old girl, Michigan


How do you feel about ebooks for kids?  Do you read ebooks and how often?




  1. The ipad and other devices have opened up a new world for many. I know children who are almost blind but they can read from their devices because they have the back lighting. . How awesome is that!

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