Highly Effective Readers Know what they Like to Read – 3rd Habit of Highly Effective Readers

Highly Effective Readers Know what they Like to Read – 3rd Habit of Highly Effective Readers

Well, it is that time of year again.  My kids are off to school and I am excited to begin writing a brand new book.  I will be creating the book through this blog and you will have free access to all of it’s content here.  This book/blog series is called Seven Habits of Highly Effective Readers and will give you information on what you can do to create an avid reader.


Picking out just right books is easy when you know what you like to read.  These readers will attract more of these books into their life because they enjoy reading them.  For me I enjoy reading personal development books and books that help me understand more about how to run my business effectively.  These books fall under the non-fiction genre.  Did you know that most of the reading that adults partake in is actually non-fiction.  However, young children spend most of their years reading fiction.  A big piece of that is because it is part of what they like and there is nothing wrong with that.

Not only do highly effective readers know that they like to read fiction, but they narrow it down even further.  They even know the genre they enjoy the most.  Here are some different genre's for fiction books.

1.  Mystery-witchs-house

2.  Realistic

3.  Historical

4.  Fairy Tales

5. Suspense

6. Fantasy

7.  Folk Tales

8.  Tall Tales

9. Fables

10. Adventure

11. Science Fiction

12. Humorous

13.  Graphic Novels

14.  Animal

15. Mythology

16. Short Story

I have found that highly effective readers are even willing to explore other genres as well and are open minded.  However, once they give it a try and realize they don't really like that genre, they will stay away from it because there are so many other great books out there to explore.

Some highly effective readers, particularly boys, enjoy non-fiction books over fiction.  Here are the different genres for non-fiction books.

1.  Biography

2.  Autobiography-newspaper

3.  Informational

4.  Cookbooks

5.  How to

6.  Reference books

7.  Essay

8.  Speech

9.  Newspaper

10. Diaries and Journals

11. Reviews

Highly effective readers also are willing to challenge themselves with longer books than their comfort zone would normally choose.  Other readers will use the size of a books to deter them from reading it.  They might give these kinds of excuses before even trying it.

1.  It's too long.

2.  The words are too small.

3.  There aren't any pictures.

These kinds of things do not deter the highly effective reader.  They actually may work for them, because they enjoy the challenge more.  This may be because they aren't challenged enough and less effective readers are frequently challenged.  So they prefer to pick easier books when it is time for them to read for pleasure.

What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?



  1. I mainly enjoy reading nonfiction. When I want to relax, I like to read biographies and sometimes fiction.
    Susan@EducatingToday.com recently posted..Bible Studies For KidsMy Profile

  2. Amina Khalil
    Twitter: AudereBride

    Joanne, I’m following your 7 habits of highly effective readers. This is a must for all libraries, schools, and every parent who wants to give the gift of reading to his/her children. Thank you!
    Amina Khalil recently posted..Do You Like to Cook?My Profile

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