50% off Assessment

50% off Assessment

So you've read my blog, you know that I'm a professional in teaching reading, and now your wondering if I might be the right fit to tutor your child in reading.

Well, for all of my blog followers I offer a 50% off reading assessment and consultation to help you determine if working with me is a good fit.  Other companies charge $200 to do this, but I feel that this step helps set me apart from the competition so I am offering it for just $100. There is no obligation to continue on with services if you are not completely satisfied with the experience.

Before we begin working together here's what you need to know about me first...

I am not a math tutor, an ACT or SAT tutor, or a general tutoring service.  Why do I only tutor in reading?  Well, it's because reading is my niche and I have spent my entire career becoming as knowledgable as I can in teaching kids to read.  I have studied how to teach struggling readers, dyslexics, and anyone with any kind of gap in reading. I believe the longer that one hones in on a craft, the better they tend to get at it.  Hence why I am able to get the amazing results that I do.  As you may know I am able to close the gap a full year with just 8-12 hours of instruction.

How can I get my 50% off  assessment?

Just fill out the registration form below and you will be ready to get started.

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