Closed Pattern Activities

Closed Pattern Activities

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they teach the 6 patterns to kids is that they move too quickly through them.  If your child is in Kindergarten or earlier, then you will only be sticking with the closed pattern for the most part and sight words that the child needs to memorize.  Children in 1st grade and beyond are ready to learn about the other patterns as a general rule of thumb.  Here is a list of activities and games that can help reinforce the closed patterns.

1.  Get a set of magnetic letters, preferably with the vowels one color and the consonants another color.  Make 3 letter words and reinforce how the vowel is squished and makes it's stuck sound.

2.  Cut words out of magazines that have the closed pattern and make a collage.

3.  Go on a picture walk.  When you are out and about with your child, let them take a picture of closed pattern words with your camera or cameraphone.

4.  Find closed pattern words in the books that you are reading together and have your child write them down.

5.  Focus on the most common rime patterns with the closed pattern.

6.  Write a closed pattern word on your child's back and have her guess the word.

The following is a list of the first words to teach with the closed pattern.  This is based off of the most frequent words in the English language.


And, in, is, that, it, on, as, with,

his, at, this, had, but, not, when,

can, an, which, if, will, up, then,

them, him, has, than, am, its,

long, did, get


Silent E

Bossy R






Two Vowels

C + le


The next pattern that I begin to teach is the silent e pattern because the e will change the vowel sound.  We will take a closer look at this pattern tomorrow.


  1. Eleanor
    Twitter: theeleanorprior

    I like numbers 1, 2and 6. Number 2 especially, it is like having one of the hide and seek word / picture books but with a magazine. Then taking it a step further and being creative by making a collage!
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  2. I LOVE #3! I hadn’t thought of that – will use it with my grandkids as soon as I see them next!

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