Supertintin Rocks!

Supertintin Rocks!

I have just recently begun using a new skype recorder and I am extremely impressed with it.  It is called Supertintin and I am excited about all of the amazing features that it offers.

First, let me explain why I like using Supertintin.  Supertintin is a tool that I can use with my students.   Last night I was using it to record a session and then I used it to play it back later on. I was able to hear this student from a new perspective.  During the session I was helping her with figuring out new words, but then afterwards after listening to the replay I realized that I also need to focus on fluency with her.  Her reading is very choppy and very little personality shows through when she is reading.  That is just one of the powers of Supertintin.  This tool is going to be so helpful with my students because their teacher is going to be more cognizant of their reading behaviors.

Before I begin working with a student I always start with an assessment.  One of the things I have always wanted to do is tape the child before I start working with her at the end to be able to see the improvements.  I currently have 25 students, so sometimes, even though I have written a report which tells me how much a child has improved, it would be really helpful have another resource to take a look at.  I think that this is a tool that parents would appreciate as well because we get accustomed to how our child is reading now and sometimes can’t see the amazing growth the child has made.

I also like the different features for recording that Supertintin offers.  Supertintin has it so that you can control which side of the webcam is being taped and allows you to tape both sides at the same time using the side by side feature.  You can even just choose to have the audio taped if you do not want to record the video.

Before you ever tape a skype session it is important to get the permission from the other person.  This can be done via you simply asking and then giving you a verbal yes or you can put it in writing and have them respond ahead of time.

I plan on using this wonderful tool not only with my students, but also to help promote up and coming authors.  I love sharing great books with my readers and I think it makes it much more interesting for them when they can meet the author through my interviews.

For all of my readers this week, Supertintin is offering an opportunity to win your own copy.  So, comment below and tell us how you would use Supertintin and may just be the lucky winner.