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Why I blog and what motivates me...

I personally blog because I love motivating kids to read and having parents take an active role in their own children's reading.  I love blogging about my volunteer opportunities in the classroom on skype and with my own children.  I personally believe that the core of every child's education is a strong reading background.  I love sharing what works and I love showing unique ways to inspire kids to want to read.  I love to go beyond the simple things everyone mentions and motivate kids in new and inspiring ways.  I utlize technology whenever possible because this is the language and interest level of our children today.  In order for us to be heard by this generation of readers, it is imperative that we speak their technology driven language.

What you'll find on my blog...

You will find a ton of content all focused on reading on this blog.  It is geared towards parents and teachers and has great ideas for teaching all the areas of reading for kids from birth to high school.  You will occasionally see posts from my experiences tutoring kids online and sharing their successes.  My intent is to constantly add value in the area of reading instruction.

On a personal note...

My name is Joanne Kaminski and I currently live in Sussex, WI with my husband, three beautiful girls, a dog, 3 fish, and 2 hermit crabs.

I was raised in Auburn, MA and once I left for Marquette University I never seemed to return.  Well, except for Christmas.  Some traditions just have to stay in the plan.

For those of you who are wondering, yes it gets very cold here, but sometimes it gets so cold that it cannot even snow.  I love warm weather, but there is nothing like family.  All of my husbands family lives 7 minutes apart from each other.  We all have kids and spend plenty of time hanging out with each other every Sunday.

On a professional note...

I have been teaching kids to read since 2000.  I started off at the Milwaukee Academy of Science and taught 3rd grade and 4th grade.  After my second year there I began training other teachers all over the country in the SFA reading tutoring program and one year later began teaching the trainers in how to teach the teachers.  I was called a "Train the Traner."

I recieved my Masters from Cardinal Stritch University with a 4.0 GPA and became a Reading Specialist.  After 8 years as the Reading Specialist I went to a high performing school in Waukesha.

Soon after I decided to start my own tutoring company called The Skyping Reading Tutor.  I began doing this so that I could continue what I loved doing the most and also be a mom to my 3 small children.

This past summer I had a full case load of online students from all over the world.  My students range from Australia, Dominican Republic, Canada, and all over the United States.  Regardless of where my children come from, they have all experienced the same results.  Within just 8-12 hours of reading instruction from me they have increased their reading level a full year.  I am currently developing the program that I have created in order for this to happen.  It is called the Kaminski Way and soon it will be released so that others can have the same kinds of results.


"Joanne Kaminski tutored our 7-year-old daughter in reading this summer. She achieves results that are nothing short of miraculous. In the course of three short months, My daughter's reading improved by 2 1/2 grade levels!
From the first session, we found Joanne to be warm, engaging, and fun. Her enthusiasm for teaching children to read is contagious, and my daughter looked forward to their sessions. Through her blog, Joanne engaged me in the learning process as well. She has some reading tricks that gave my daughter the tools to figure out words by herself, which I believe has set my daughter up for an amazing educational future. Meeting for tutoring sessions through Skype was gentle on the family schedule and very convenient. Her prices are reasonable, and my husband loved that she offered a discount for paying in lump sum.
I only wish we could clone Joanne so she could reach more children. She is gifted. I have no hesitations in recommending her to any parent of a struggling reader." Mandy McCumber

“Joanne has succeeded with my son where other educators have not. Her individual focus allows insight into the best learning style for my child and she has the ability to create a structure that keeps him motivated. His reading has improved tremendously as a direct result of her efforts. We are truly blessed and thankful to have Joanne and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any parent who has a son or daughter struggling with reading.”  - Rosie Roberts

“Joanne is an outstanding tutor, with so many creative ways to engage children to improve their reading she's amazing. My son started online reading sessions with Joanne after we discussed his frustrations in reading. He was in 1st grade barely reading at a kindergarten grade level. This was causing social and self esteem issues with him. He worked with Joanne about once a week during two school years. He finished his second grade at an actual second grade reader. Once he started working with Joanne he actually looked forward to the online sessions, because she made reading more fun for him! He clearly became a more confidant reader, and I could not have done it without the extra help from Joanne. I would recommend Joanne as a tutor to anyone who asked.” - Deb Eskuri

“Joanne was willing to step ouside of her normal world and take on an Adult student (myself). She works with me on the thing I need to work on and keeps us on track to use time well. I love that it is so easy to do by Skype! Joanne can be more than just a tutor, it's hard to explain as an adult with Dyslexia she has become a sort of life coach and healer. She is very observant and will find the things that you need to help you how you want and need to be helped. Only good things have come from the time that Joanne has worked with me in this Skype Tutoring! Just as a person I can't say enough good things about her. Then add that she is the best at what she does for anyone with reading trouble! She will find a way to help! Working with Joanne continues to empower me, that I know I can do these things that I struggled with for so long. Thank you Joanne for being you! I Recommend Joanne to anyone looking for a reading tutor for any reason!!!!! A loyal customer,-Renee Love

Organizations Joanne Belongs to...

IRA - International Reading Society

NAPW - National Association of Professional Women

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