15 Top Ways to Motivate your Child to Read

15 Top Ways to Motivate your Child to Read

In this neverending battle between electronics and books, it can be difficult to motivate our children to read.  I am going to list the most the influential things I have done that motivate my own children to read.

1.  Pick out a book together and read every night before bed.

2.  Just read to your child before they go to bed.

3.  Let them go to the library and pick out books on CD to listen to in the car.

4.  Let them purchase a book from the Scholastic Book fair.

5.  Ask them what books kids are reading in their class that they would be interested in reading.i-flip-flap-184343_640

6.  Look for book trailers on YouTube.  This is just like a movie trailer, but for books.

7.  Be a reader.  The best way to motivate kids to read is for them to see you reading.

8.  Go to rummage sales and pick out some new books.  Kids love getting presents.

9.  Find out where a children's author will be appearing and take your child.  When you connect a child to an author it changes their perspective on books and really begins to engage them more.

10.  Introduce your child to a new series.

11.  If there is a movie out and it was a book first, have your child read the book before going to the movie.

12.  Start a book swap with other moms in your child's class. You can write a list of top books that you have that your child has loved and have your child pick a book that they would want to read on the list.  Then everyone swaps.

13.  Immerse your child with books everywhere, in the home, in  your car, on your tech devices.

14.  Listen to author interviews on the internet.

15.  Visit the author's website.  This is a great place to become familiar with books that your child's favorite author has written.

You may have a child that you need to throw carrots to once in a while to read.  This means that you need to constantly be thinking of things that you can do versus just tell them to read for their 15 to 30 minutes a night.  If you have a variety of things to try you will continue to motivate and inspire your child to read.  Don't give up!  If your child is resistant, just keep trying.


  1. Linda Luke
    Twitter: coachlindaluke

    I love these ideas. Reading has been a long tradition in my family. Every three weeks my mother would pack us kids in the stroller and we would walk to the library. I recently revisited where I used to live and realized how long that walk really was. i think books kept my mom going and when she got older I drove her and my son to the library every three weeks. Needless to say, i love to read.
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  2. Thanks for the post! I agree that encouraging your children to read is very important. Technology has taken over and less and less children are seen reading books, that is why we need to show them its importance at their young age.

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